Smash 1x01 The National Pastime

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Marilyn (New York Yankees):
Fellas! (Yeah?)
Fellas! (Is it--?)
Hey, team! (Off the benches, it's Marilyn!)

I just got a date (She just got a date)
With baseball's Joltin' Joe (That lucky so-and-so)
So run me 'round the bases
Put me through my paces
And teach me all the things a slugger's lover
Should know!

What's that there? (That's the pitcher's mound!)
Have you ever seen a shape that is so perfectly round?
(Batter up!) Play ball!
(You better give it your all!)

Marilyn with New York Yankees:
'Cause all men like to play at

The national pastime

Marilyn (New York Yankees):
Who's that man? (That's the first base coach!)
Have you noticed that he signals every time I approach?
(Kill the ump!) Throw him out!
(Because there isn't a doubt)

Marilyn with New York Yankees:
That all men like to play at

The national pastime

When I was just a little girl
I liked being dainty and purty
But now that I'm giving sports a whirl
I find I kinda like to get dirty

New York Yankees:

Baby, what's that there?

That's the team bullpen
And I like the odds I'm seeing: no girls, all men!

New York Yankees:
Hit the deck, look alive!
Beware the lady's line drive!

Because my skill and my passion'll
Elevate the national...

Hot dogs!
I don't care, I don't care if I ever get back!

New York Yankees:
When the season's over, the play won't end

'Cause a baseball diamond is a girl's best friend

Marilyn (New York Yankees):
Yes, my style and my fashion'll (Yes, her style and her fashion'll)

Marilyn with New York Yankees:
Elevate the national
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