Smash 2x10 A Love Letter From the Times

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Today at tech where life's a zoo
What irony, I missed my cue
Your birthday almost came and went
No wonder you were malcontent
And so tonight to right the wrong
I've written you a birthday song
But I ain't gonna wing it
Look who I got to sing it

May each evening be a triumph
Where are the plans are lined
With you, the star that hits the sky and climbs
And when you're waking in the morning
Well, dear friend, I hope you find
A love letter from The Times

Then, an afternoon of roses
Like the section brings
Just past the metro section and its crimes
They're yellin' on the sports page
But the arts and leisure sings to you
A love letter from The Times

A full page ad that's full of quotes
About your face, your style, those notes
about your gifts prolific 
The raves from me would never end
About the girl who's my best friend
She's wonderful, she's special, she's terrific

So that's the gift I wish for you
And hope I can achieve
And someday when we both run out of rhymes
I don't care about my nose
But I know that you'll receive
A love letter from The Times

You're older and I'm wiser
Ivy, look, I brought you Liza!

With a love letter from The Times

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